Quick update

Before I put up my real post for today, I thought I’d throw out a quick personal update.

Mood-wise, I’m coming off a week or so of pretty high spirits and productivity. Yesterday, my mood started to dip, and I’ve been feeling quite low today. But I also feel fairly capable of handling this mood. Self-care and all that. And later today I’ll be skyping with the family back home, and then the roommate/recovery buddy extraordinaire will be home to commiserate with me. So things aren’t looking too grim.

The internship is going very well. I’m learning a lot, I love the people I work with, and I really love the feeling of accomplishing practical things every time I’m there. School is still a bit of an adjustment, but I’m keeping up with and enjoying the material, so I can’t ask for more.

I still haven’t gained back any of the weight I lost at the beginning of this depression thing, so I’ve started keeping closer track of what I’m eating so I can be sure I’m not forgetting meals or something like that.

This week marks about a month and half since I’ve had a really decent night’s sleep, thanks to this bout of insomnia. That’s making everything more difficult, but I’m sure I’ll figure out the trick to sleeping again any time now.

Should be getting my first therapy appointment set up any day now, so my treatment regimen can begin again in earnest. It’ definitely about time.


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